I write Books. I Blog. I publish Research Papers.
I write about entrepreneurship and startups, and what makes them successful. I write about the future of entrepreneurship.  Topics include:
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Mentors & Advisors (your Startup Brain Trust)
  • Venture Capital & Angel Funding
  • Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
  • Startup Success in the Age of Metapreneurship 
I’ve written a couple of books on the entrepreneurship, innovation and related topics – with a few more in the hopper:
The Age of Metapreneurship – A Journey into the Future of Entrepreneurship 
(Venture Point Press – 2017)
Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship (A University Textbook)
(Rebus Press – 2018) – A co-author.
The Startup Brain Trust – A guidebook for Startups, Entrepreneurs and the Experts who help them become Great.  (Venture Point Press – Fall 2020)
Vanguard Entrepreneurship – Creating breakthrough products for brand new markets.
(Available Summer 2021)

Selected Research Papers
Entrepreneurial Competencies (in progress) – 
A study on entrepreneurial skills/traits valued in the workplace versus those developed while in college. 
Coauthored with California State University Colleagues.
(selected) Published Articles and Papers:
  • Cornell, C.J., “The Metamorphosis of Business Plan Competitions”,  NCIIA Conference Proceedings, March 2014
  • Cornell, C.J., “Crowdfunding – Jumpstarting University Entrepreneurship”,  NCIIA Conference Proceedings, March 2014 (For 2014 NCIIA Conference)
  • Cornell, C.J.,Luzar, Charles “ Crowdfunding Fraud: How Big is the Threat?” – Crowdfund Insider, March 20, 2014
  • Cornell, C.J. (2005, 2007). “8 simple rules” (on angel investing). (Distributed by Silicom Ventures, LLC, and published in various magazines and journals).
  • Cornell, C.J., Salem, C., & Flick, J. (2004). Cable television VOD for learner-based instruction. In AECT: Proceedings of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.
  • Cornell, C.J. (2002, Summer). Activity-based VOD. CTAM Journal.
  • Chaos Media Networks. (2002). VOD: Tapping deeper wells (industry white paper).
  • C.J. Cornell. ABCs of VCs (University lecture slides – MBA venture finance course).
Perspectives of angel investing (University lecture slides – Entrepreneurial business course).
  • Cornell, C.J. (2000, Summer). Striking oil in the vast wasteland. CTAM (Magazine of CTAM  Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing).
  • Cornell, C.J. (1999). Complexity and Game Theory Strategies in Modern Economic Markets. Columbus Press.
  • Cornell, C.J. (1989). Expert systems design for predicting behavior. U.S. Air Force Program Research Office (AFPRO).

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