Work with Me ...

Contact me. Talk to me, Meet with me. Work with me. 

I’m pretty easy to contact:
Send a request, in triplicate, to my personal secretary. Or you set up a meeting via my appointments secretary. If you want me to appear in your movie or documentary, then contact my agent or personal manager.
Or, you can just shoot me an note to say hello. Introduce yourself, and I’ll email you right back.
Work with me:
Let’s talk or meet:
  • Schedule a meeting (zoom, call or other).
  • (though I prefer that we have some kind of contact beforehand first)
PS – contact me first and introduce yourself before setting up any kind of meeting.
Note – if we set up a meeting I do everything to make sure I am on on time. Please do the same. If you cancel, please give appropriate notice, so I can reclaim my time.
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