Who Accepts Bitcoin?

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I’m a huge advocate and fan. But are they merely the shiny “new” things for techies, early adopters and speculators?

It’s easy for pundits, skeptics and cynics to deride Bitcoin as an impractical fad: A danger to society and unsuspecting victims. Then again, isn’t that what they warned us about every new technology? Heck they’re saying the same thing about Facebook right now.

Bitcoin won’t be mainstream until it is completely secure, easy to use and accepted almost everywhere.

Oh wait. Bitcoin is secure, easy to use – and now, apparently accepted at so many places it’s hard to list them all.

But the nice folks at SpendMeNot have done it. They’ve created a map of all the places that accept Bitcoin:

Who Accepts Bitcoin in 2020?

Infographic courtesy of: SpendMeNot

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