My Work (What I do ...)

I do a lot – Maybe too much.  To the untrained eye it looks like Chaos, bu it all fits together in a couple of interweaving themes:
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Digital Technology (new products & services)
  • Behavior (consumer behavior, social networks) 
… and how they intersect to form brave new worlds of innovative new products, new techniques, and new ventures.

Half my time is devoted to entrepreneurship: 
  • I advise new ventures. I  mentor entrepreneurs. I develop new ventures – from concept to product to market.
  • I sometimes consult with growth ventures on product strategy, product development, marketing, pitching and funding. 
  • I sometimes work with larger organizations on building entrepreneurship and innovation programs, mentoring programs, or ecosystem development and economic development.
  • In addition, I sit on a couple of economic development boards, and similar initiatives designed to foster entrepreneurship.
  • I research and teach new ways of approaching entrepreneurship, innovation and digital media technology to young students and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. 
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