Entrepreneurship – Intensity

Michael Jordan didn’t become the greatest basketball player of all time merely by reading books about the sport. While studying hard can make you an expert in physics, chemistry and even in medicine or law, entrepreneurship is more like training to be an athlete or astronaut. No entrepreneur ever became successful by sitting on the sidelines and merely reading.
Jumping onto on the court, leaping into the ring and running on the field: participation is a critical element of successful entrepreneurship. But it’s more than that. Who you train with, where you train, and the intensity of training are vital aspects of entrepreneurship training. These are more important than merely studying the game.
Entrepreneurs are often seen as the lone hero – working against all odds: Steve Jobs “in the arena” pushing against the status quo. At times this may seem like the case, but almost no successful entrepreneur learned to be an entrepreneur alone. They “made their bones” by being around other entrepreneurs. They sharpen their skills by working with other entrepreneurs and by working for startups. There’s an intensity about it, and it’s not gradual.
This is why it’s no surprise that aspiring entrepreneurs strive to move to Silicon Valley to start their entrepreneurial journey. It’s not the air; it’s not the water and it’s not the money. Entrepreneurs come to Silicon Valley to be around other entrepreneurs, and to be immersed in the culture of entrepreneurship. Everyone here has brought their A-game, and you know you are training with the pros.

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