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(kind comments and endorsements by some colleagues via LinkedIn)

CJ is a true visionary. This is a word that is thrown around a lot, but when you meet the real deal, you know it. CJ has a completely different perspective, unfettered by the can’ts and won’ts and impossibles that bombard us. I wholeheartedly recommend him for leadership, amazing tenacity, creativity, and guidance.

Jordana George,
Vice President of Operations, Chaos Media Networks
reported to CJ at Chaos Media Networks

CJ is one of the brightest people I know in Silicon Valley. He has helped take my company to the next level.

Omar Baig,
was with another company when working with CJ at Chaos Media Networks

CJ has a rare combination of an entrepreneur and a professor in him. He is innovative, resourceful, forward thinking and a very practical person. He always used to come up with new ideas for various digital media projects that we have worked on.

As a graduate assistant under CJ I was exposed to various technology resources of the Knight Center. As part of my job I used to update the technology resources and take suggestions from CJ who was always up to date about the latest online media services available. I learnt a lot from CJ particularly from the digital and social media industry. He guided me and gave me many resources which made my job easier. He always used to have a plan and showed the way how we can execute it.

It was truly a great experience working under CJ in the Knight Center. I am confident that the skills I learnt under him will help me in the future.

Ranga Roy Achanta,
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Arizona State University
reported to CJ at Arizona State University

I owe my first real lessons on content programming to CJ Cornell. During the time in Internet history when real substantial volumes of content where first being poured online and pundits and entrepreneurs alike had no idea how to value it (let alone program it to truly engage an audience), CJ had the foresight, expertise, sensibilities, and patience to create programming strategies that were smart, effective, and right on the money.

CJ is expert at creating frameworks to translate a grand vision into product requirements that are tangible and exciting. He is ever the champion of entrepreneurship and the energy that comes from his own creativity demonstrates his passion for the great idea and the value that comes from it.

He is smart, disciplined, a true gentleman, and one of the few executives and colleagues I draw upon to challenge my ideas in a way that always makes my thinking and planning better.

Vince Han,
Co-founder and SVP of Product Management, Ruckus Network
worked with CJ at Ruckus Network

CJ’s mentorship enabled me to draw on 10 years of journalism experience, think like an entrepreneur and create an innovative digital news venture. Working with him, I was able to transform broad concepts into a tangible product and then into a promising business endeavor. In the process, he challenged me to acquire a new set of entrepreneurial skills, from market-driven product development and new business models to the presentation prowess needed for investors and customers – skills that allow me to innovate and thrive in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Elizabeth Smith,
Student, Arizona State University
reported to CJ at Arizona State University

Working for CJ as a research assistant over the course of three semesters was an incredible learning experience. In the course of my work with him he exposed me to a variety of emerging web tools and technologies, but more importantly he exemplified the working style of a successful entrepreneur. CJ is always patient, tireless, and forward thinking. In directing me in completing background research for a book he is writing, he was careful to let me attack problems creatively, and was always available to offer advice. He is an expert at managing multiple tasks simultaneously and ensuring they’re all done well.

Paul Collier,
Research Assistant, Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University
reported to CJ at Arizona State University

Working with CJ, I re-wrote my definition of determination, vision, and tenacity as he stayed focused and shot for the goal no matter what barriers got in the way. He really is the quintessential entrepreneur …

Laurence Nathanson – (LinkedInToMe@Gmail.com),
Sr. Director Business Development, Chaos Media Networks
reported to CJ at Chaos Media Networks

CJ was an amazing resource for TotalVid’s stand-alone subscription product for the martial arts community — VideoWaza. He contributed to the overall product vision, roadmap, positioning, and messaging for this new service. He brought strategic insight, marketing savvy, and a host of programming ideas and tactics. In the short time we worked together, I learned a great deal of marketing from him. I would work with him again in a minute.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Sean Popen
hired CJ as a Business Consultant in 2007

I throughly enjoyed working with CJ. He was always upbeat, profesional, directed and results-oriented, his enthusiasm was inspirational. CJ provided strategy and vision for the direction of the company. He saw obstacles as challenges and helped us to stay focused on long-term goals.

Patrick O’Donnell,
reported to CJ at Chaos Media Networks

An Entrepreneur myself I’ve interacted with CJ for a venture. I really enjoyed his direct style. He sent me many highly relevant questions which made me more prepared business wise and for interacting with other investors. He’s an investor who truly adds value and guides you.

Benoit Vandevivere,
was with another company when working with CJ at Silicom Ventures. LLC

CJ’s insights and proactive feedback continue to be of great help to us in our initiatives with large clients and VCs.

Atanu Basu,
was with another company when working with CJ at Silicom Ventures. LLC

Working with CJ at ASU’s Knight Center was an incredible experience, and had a profound impact on the course of my life. He took me, a technically-savvy student with a few creative ideas, and transformed me into a genuine entrepreneur, ultimately working with me and another student to help us launch Qayto, an exciting new startup.

CJ is immensely passionate about entrepreneurship, and it shows in his dedication. He always made himself available for advice and questions, and even helped me develop an idea and proposal before I was actually in his class. Even though the class is now over, he continues to advise me, going well above and beyond the call of duty in doing so. His knowledge, experience, and patience are incredible assets to anyone looking to be an entrepreneur.

Even more incredible, however, is his teaching style. While there is some lecture and conceptual teaching in his courses, the vast majority of it is hands-on, real entrepreneurship, the way it should be taught. CJ helps students identify market opportunities and needs in a genuinely entrepreneurial fashion, and develop real ventures to address them. Students can (and often do) continue these ventures outside of the course itself.

Taking a course with CJ was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Nick Gnat,
Project Lead, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship
reported to CJ at Arizona State University

As a graduate assistant for the Digital Media Entrepreneurship Program, I reported directly to, and worked with CJ for a year. CJ according to me, is a very practical, active and positive person. Being an entrepreneur-cum-professor, CJ also has a strong engineering background.
One can learn from CJ, how to think, how to brainstorm and come up with ideas, how to refine them, and how to present these ideas in a coherent and attractive manner.
One quality which I have observed, is that CJ is “always” up-to-date on emerging technologies in the field of Online Media. With my role being the technical goto for all journalism students involved in this program, identifying platforms is one crucial step, and CJ’s up-to-date knowledge and recommendations in this regard has always eased my work and also exposed me to many new media platforms, some of which, I never knew existed.
Though I provided technical assistance for students in this program, everyday at the lab was a learning experience and CJ is the person to work with. I am sure this experience working with CJ will have a huge impact in my career and I feel sorry to be graduating and leaving this lab.

Bharadhwaj Narayanan,
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship
reported to CJ at Arizona State University

CJ has vision, knowledge and a clear understanding of the VOD and ITV spaces. His company, Chaos Media Networks, has next generation technology that will enable a completely new kind of interactive VOD experience for the viewer. I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with CJ and look forward to it again.

Roger Towne,
Senior Business Development Consultant; VOD, Chaos Media Networks
reported to CJ at Chaos Media Networks

Just spending an hour with CJ Cornell is always such mindblowing experience that by the time I leave, my company’s prospects for success have increased tenfold. It’s such a pleasure to watch his mind work as he brainstorms from the futuristic, to strategic to specific actionable details. He cares deeply about making every entrepreneur he meets a success, and freely doles out million-dollar advice and introductions along with the straightshooting unvarnished, unsugarcoated advice.”

Real name – kept private.,
Former Fortune-100 Executive and Serial Entrepreneur, Phoenix AZ

I have found CJ to be a smart, thoughtful and well directed executive. He is also an interesting and fun person to work with.

Christopher Williams,
was with another company when working with CJ at Chaos Media Networks

I was working with CJ when he was at Americast. In this political charged environment he was a positive influence in helping the RBOC partners make sense of a very new interactive application, including features releases, manpower, development time and costs.

Howard Meiseles,
was with another company when working with CJ at Disney/Americast.

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